Scariest horror game of all time!

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Scariest horror game of all time!

Сообщение alinabella » 08 июн 2023, 13:27

Like Poppy playtime, Bob the Robber demands courage and guts to carry off a series of daring heists. Bob enjoys assisting others with his lock-picking and stealing skills since he grew up hearing fascinating stories about the legendary Robin Hood. Bob the Robber 1, the first game in the series, relates the narrative of the protagonist's introduction to the world of theft. Interactions with security guards, surveillance cameras, and violent guard dogs are all part of this experience. Put on your mask and proceed through the procedures with caution. Being quiet and hidden is the first rule of becoming a successful thief!
Similar enjoyable gameplay can be found in Bob the Robber 1 and Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. The two most prominent features of the game are stealth and riddles. As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter closed doors, buried treasure, menacing sentinels, and fearsome watchdogs! Maintain silence! A squeak can cause you to crumble. The theft in each stage must be done without being discovered. You must get past the guards and open the door's lock. Bob is a competent and quick thief who always maintains a dependable keychain in his pocket. Insert the locking pin into the gap when the time is right to disengage the mechanism and unlock the door.

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Re: Scariest horror game of all time!

Сообщение Madeline » 17 июл 2023, 18:25

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Re: Scariest horror game of all time!

Сообщение pastelclass » 04 окт 2023, 19:37

I like this game and play it and happy wheels every time I have free time, fascinated by the game's story.

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Re: Scariest horror game of all time!

Сообщение Milin02 » 09 окт 2023, 16:56

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