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Musk will collect 300 baht per month from his Twitter account. "Blue checkmark"

Добавлено: 03 ноя 2022, 19:58

Foreign news agencies reported from Washington. United States onสล็อตxoNov. 2 that Mr. Elon Musk, a billionaire businessman who is the new owner of Twitter. Announcing a plan to collect an official account-keeping fee under the "Blue Service" service, which includes news-colored checkmarks in blue jagged circles for identity verification, $8 per month (about 300.76 baht) and Such prices are subject to change. "According to the purchasing power of the people in each country"

Throughout the past The above checkmark is a free administration provided by Twitter. to users, most of whom are famous people and large corporations, both public and private sectors to confirm its official presence and status which builds the credibility of the account holder

Musk gave reasons for the change. It is not yet clear when this will happen. said to deal with fake accounts and confirmed that Twitter under his supervision There will be no way to profit from advertising.

However, a recent poll of some of the account holders who received the checkmark showed that more than 80% refused to pay the fee for this, even with 10% confirming they were ready to pay. but stipulates that it must not exceed 5 USD per month (