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South Korean foreign minister regrets Thai woman dies in Itaewon

Добавлено: 04 ноя 2022, 19:49

The South Korean Foreign Minister expressed his deepest condolences. In the case of a Thai woman who was one of the deceased from the tragedy in Itaewon, Seoul.

Mr. Park Jin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of South เกม อา ลา ดิน Korea Send a letter to Mr. Witchu Vejjajiva, Ambassador of Thailand to express condolences A Thai woman was killed in a tragedy in Itaewon in Seoul on Saturday night. by Park said I was shocked and deeply saddened. when informed that A Thai citizen was among the victims of the Itaewon tragedy. On behalf of the South Korean government Park expressed his deepest condolences to the family of the deceased. Her family and Thai people

Park confirmed that The South Korean government will continue to provide necessary support to the dead and injured. as quickly as possible South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs will operate through an ad hoc task force. that have been appointed in response to this incident It will be closely coordinated with the Royal Thai Embassy.